Frequently Asked Questions

How is PrimeHealth different from other medical offices?

PrimeHealth was established to provide you with exceptional, personalized medical care.  We are considered a concierge medical practice. We still accept your health insurance and provide traditional medical care as we did for over a decade at Apple Valley Family Medicine.  Now, as PrimeHealth Asheville, we want to offer services beyond your regular health insurance. We also want to spend more time listening to your concerns and designing a plan customized to help you without some of the constraints placed on most medical offices.  The annual fee allows us to provide the higher level of service. We believe you will be satisfied with the care you are given.

Do you accept my health insurance?  Do you accept Medicare?

Yes, we accept most health insurance plans as well as Medicare.  Please refer to the cost page of this website or call to ask if we participate with your specific plan. We will submit bills to your insurance and charge co-pays and deductibles as required by the insurance company for other medical services.

What if the practice is no longer accepting new patients?

A typical family physician cares for several thousand patients.  PrimeHealth physicians will be limited to a maximum of 500 patients per doctor.  Once this limit is reached, you can ask to be placed on our waiting list.

What about families with children?

We are glad to care for children aged five and above.  One dependent child (age 5 to 25) per adult PrimeHealth member will be eligible for free practice membership. The annual fee for each additional child is $500 per year.

Is PrimeHealth owned by a hospital or insurance company?

No, we are an independent medical practice.  We accept health insurance and Medicare and you can go to the hospital of your choice.  We can also refer you to any specialist or tertiary care center as needed.

How much does PrimeHealth cost?

The annual fee for PrimeHealth is $1500 per person.  For more details please visit the cost page.

Do I have to pay the annual fee all at once?

The PrimeHealth annual fee may be paid quarterly, semi-annually or annually.  You may use a check, cash or major credit card. You can also set up convenient automatic payments through a checking or credit card account.

Will my insurance cover the annual fee?

No, the annual fee covers services which are not usually included in your health insurance and are not reimbursed.  However, you may be able to use your HSA or FSA.

Can I use my HSA or FSA account to pay the annual fee for PrimeHealth?

Please consult with your tax accountant or HSA administrator. The annual fee applies toward services typically not covered by your insurance.

Is the annual fee tax deductible?

If you itemize medical expenses on your tax returns, the annual fee may be deductible. Check with your tax advisor.

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